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Classes and Courses

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Language Matters provides an integrated course schedule of learning through practice, exploration, and self-reflection. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching. Take a look at our offerings and contact Language Matters to learn more and receive a free (no obligation) 30-minute needs assessment.
Online classes are also available.

Beginner Course

Students will learn to form simple sentences and use basic grammar rules. Students will be challenged not only to speak but also to start to think in a different language.

Intermediate Course

Intermediate language students will increase their vocabulary while conversing using new, more advanced grammatical structures.  Accuracy and fluency develop dramatically at this level.

Advanced Course

Advanced students will continue to build on previously learned skills by engaging in conversation, writing, grammar, and reading activities. Students achieve a high level of success in a short period of time.
English certification preparation (IELTS, TESOL, CAE) also available.


Beyond the Classroom

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Activities outside the classroom are an integral part of our program. They provide additional learning opportunities in real life situations that enhance classroom learning and develop confidence. Research reveals the importance of practice and repetition of a foreign language in order to consolidate material and advance to the next level of proficiency. 

  • Museums

  • Plaza scavenger hunt

  • The Farmers' Market

  • Cooking classes

  • Chocolate factory 

  • Pottery and other art studios

  • Restaurants

  • Walking/trolley/food/art tours

  • Visit a local artist, potter or jeweler

  • Wellness treatments - yoga, hair salon, spa

Travel On Your Trip

  • Grand Canyon

  • Phoenix/Sedona

  • Denver

  • Taos

  • Los Alamos


Sample Week

For individuals and small groups of up to 8 students:

Monday to Friday Immersion 

  • 12 hours in the classroom + 1-3 hours of private lessons

  • 1 restaurant outing with instructor

  • 1-2 academic excursions with instructor

  • Homestay (Optional)

Language Matters Instructors


Language Matters Instructor Spotlight

All of our instructors are:

  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certified, or equivalent e.g. CELTA. These are internationally recognized certifications to teach English.

  • Use the Color Vowel™ chart, which is an effective approach to mastering spoken English and maximize comprehensibility.

  • Have +5 year teaching experience.

  • Utilize a broad range of teaching materials to support language learning.

  • Offer complementary suggestions for independent learning opportunities in the community.

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