Online Learning


Small Group (3-4 students)

Around the World: Reading, Conversation and Pronunciation

Travel the world from your home. We focus on various international destinations to develop speaking skills. You will gain confidence as you learn new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.


This course includes digital reading materials to stimulate interesting discussions about global topics. 

Small Group (3-4 students) Conversation: Speak with Confidence and Clarity

Practice your conversation skills and learn to speak clearly. Do you want to feel more comfortable speaking to Americans socially and at work? Do you get frustrated when people can’t understand you? Are you tired of repeating yourself?


We will address these issues and more by focusing on fun topics using student-centered strategies.


Private Lessons: Focus on your unique goals and needs


Learn fast with lessons that are 100% customized for you. Start with a thorough assessment to identify your skills and challenges. Benefit from our interactive goal-orientated strategies to develop your abilities.

We partner with you to address your needs so that you can speak English with more confidence and clarity.