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I had a wonderful 2-month experience in beautiful Santa Fe. My teacher, Claire, taught me not only English but also the importance of learning about other cultures and communicating with many different people. I really enjoyed studying with her. I did various classroom activities and went on excursions. It was such a wonderful experience and created memories that will exist in my mind forever.


Motoki Sato, ESL Instructor, Japan

I like the classes because they were so dynamic. We had so many conversations, and I love that because we wanted to practice our English. I love my teacher because she was so cute and she always worried about us!

Paola, Brazil

Your class was very interesting fo me. Santa Fe became my favorite place. I became better to speak English, thanks to you!

Natsumi, Japan

Teacher Claire, I have to say this: You are the best teacher I ever had. Don't ever change. I'm going to miss you!

Myrna, Mexico

I like the way you teach very much. You do it in a serious but also fun and relaxing way. I always felt very comfortable.

Judit, Switzerland

I enjoyed this program. It was a nice conversation class with a good format. The activities were specific and I felt comfortable. You did an amazing job!


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